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All of the above steps are mandatory.

With excellent experience as a visit visa to USA consultants in Hyderabad, we will be able to provide you with full guidance in providing you with accurate and most relevant information on how-to guide in filing the B2 visa application, paying the tourist visa fee, reserve a slot fan or interview and further steps.

Further, we will also provide you with the required services in helping you with updated and latest changes if any as may be happening in B2 visa laws and rules. Our services are fully law-abiding and in compliance with U.S. tourist visa laws.

visit visa for usa in hyderabad

US visit visa fees

The U.S. visit visa cost to pay along with your visa application fee is $160. An equivalent amount of Indian Rupee after the conversion against the U.S. Dollar prevailing at the time of payment is calculated accordingly. This is the most important step that must be carefully done along with the visa application.

This is a mandatory step that must be followed strictly to make the payment of the visa fee along with the visa application.

This step is completed prior to the final submission of the visa application wherein you must add the receipt of visa fee payment details.

The fee is applicable to both minors and adults and this is a one-time non-refundable fee valid for one year.

The visa fee receipt number is very important and must be quoted at the time of reserving a slot for a visa interview.

USA visit visa requirements

Gathering the required documents is an important step in the U.S. visa application process. This depends on the type of visa you are opting for. At the time of filing a B2 visa application, you need a valid passport. Your passport must have at least one blank page to affix your visa.

A photograph as per the U.S. visa photo requirement is also one of the main requirements. Accordingly, the specified dimensions photo can be uploaded or can be submitted directly on the appointment day. Further the proof of payment as a receipt towards the U.S. visa application must also be submitted. As the documents get their validity, you will be allowed to schedule an interview.

It is also very important to understand that the U.S. fee paid is non-refundable, if you cancel the appointment or if your visa application is rejected. You are also asked to provide your social media details - your name, phone number, email, and social media history off five previous years.

Sometimes, there may be a requirement for additional information to be provided by you and at that time, you have to provide it mandatorily. Earlier international travel to other countries, or to the U.S., invitation letters, sponsorship letters, or any other, must be provided accurately.

Upon verification and examination of your visa application and the information you provided, you are issued a decision from the U.S. consulate. Therefore, it is very important that you provide the most accurate and relevant information in your application and also at the time of your interview.

It is also important that you meet all the visa requirements as asked and prescribed in the visa application.

USA visit visa process from Hyderabad

The USA visit visa process is prescribed specifically in order which is to be followed strictly.

All of the above steps are highly important and no step should be avoided. Only after completing all the procedures, you will be allowed to get notified about the U.S. Consulate decision.

Sometimes, you may be asked for additional documents to further verify your case. At all times, you must honour the decision of the Consulate and offer your full cooperation. Good conduct and character are very important.

USA visit visa status

After completing the procedure for a U.S. visit visa, you will be issued a receipt number and you must preserve your document number safely. Upon the approval of your visa, you will receive your Passport.

When your application is denied, it means you need to reapply and submit a new application. Accuracy and providing most relevant information is very crucial to the success of your visa application.

Complying with other requirements such as photographs, valid passport, biometrics, payment of visa fee and completing visa interview completes the process of your visit visa procedures and you are expected to wait for the decision with your document number to track in your case.

Commonly Asked Questions

No, Indian nationals do not qualify for the Visa Waiver Program.

If you were denied a US B2 visa before, you have to go through the entire application process again.

B1 Visa is issued for temporary business purposes while B2 visa is issued for tourism and non-business purposes in the US. Generally, both these Visas are granted together as a B1/B2 Visa by the US embassy.

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