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Many are of the opinion that consultants take a lot of time to process, but as Best Consultancy for Australia Visa in Hyderabad. But, we offer prompt services in a very short time and as compared to other consultants, our fee is very low.

We share honest and accurate strategies for you to get visas that are quite practical in approach. You will also be able to get advice on your finances. Reviewing every document carefully to prepare all the necessary things for submission is also one of our top most priority.

Quality working and spending time appropriately on every application is what we do and we are committed to help you at every phase of your overseas travel plan.

Documents Required for Australia Tourist Visa

Australia tourist visa consultants in hyderabad provide you with complete information and guidance to obtain a tourist visa. One of the most important documents that you should carry with you is your passport.

It must be valid and must have at least 6 months of time, if it is expiring. Best consultancy for Australia visa in Hyderabad also helps you with filing an Australian visa form.

Apart from filing a visa application, you have to pay the visa fee and submit a few other documents and these include - your photograph, as per the specifications laid out in the visa identity rules and regulations.

This is followed by your National Identity card.

Police certificate

Police clearance certificate means that your character and conduct is good.

You have to be completely honest about your criminal activity and only after the approval, you will receive police clearance certificate

Family Certificate

Proof of valid documents such as birth certificate, marriage license, or divorce papers, change of name and adoption papers if any, have to be submitted.

Proof of finances

Having adequate finances helps you to meet your expenses.

Health Insurance

Consider taking a health insurance as you are on international travel.

Proof of Temporary stay

Details of your travel itinerary

The dates of your visits, the places you plan to visit and proof of purchase of flight tickets and the duration of your stay must be part of your itinerary.

Proof of accommodation reservations

Provide evidence of your accommodation and this includes hotel reservations, rental agreements, private lodging or resort or rented spaces.

Invitation letter from friends/family

Submit an invitation letter from your friends or family that you are visiting them in Australia and that they will be hosting your stay.

Employer permission letter

Submit a letter of permission from your employer stating permission for your travels.

Authorized recipient form

If you have authorized someone to work on your visa application form, you should file the same.

Australia visit visa office in hyderabad

Australian Tourist Visa processing time

What is the normal process for your approval of an Australian visa?

It is as fast as 24 hours with ETA (Electronic Travel Authority). Rushed visas can also be done sooner than 4 hrs and super rushed processing time takes just one hour.

However, complying with the visa requirements by providing accurate information and submitting all the documents qualify you to get fast approval. There are few visa-exempt countries and checking those nationalities to qualify for ETA allows you to obtain a travel permission.

Such as other authority and permissions required a complete understanding of Australian visa regulations and we are fully conversant and keep an update regularly to help you in time. Along with the documentation, the visa fee is also a mandatory requirement. But there is a specific fee that is required to be paid. Depending on the category of visa processing type that is chosen, the fee varies.

For example - Standard processing time is a slow process and it is done in 24 hours. The fee is USD 55.00 the fee is subject to change from time to time and it must be followed strictly. Rush processing time is completed in 4 hrs. Time and the fee is USD 85.00 for super rush processing time, the fee is USD 120.00.

It is essential to meet the requirements of visa fee while submitting the application. Verifying with the consultants and reconfirming the accurate visa fee makes your visa processing time much early and you would receive the approval as per the time.

Apply for Australian tourist visa

If you wish to apply for an Australian tourist visa, you have to have the relevant and accurate information that is latest to allow yourself working on the application, visa fee, and relevant documents.

A tourist visa comes with a stipulated time to reside in Australia and you can stay in Australia with your family and friends. If you are visiting with family, all of your family members must have a tourist visa and such other requirements must be fulfilled.

As compared to other countries, Australia tourist visa is issued quite fast and if you apply with accurate and genuine information, it is easily processed without any halt and you would be very excited to prepare for the travel.

The accuracy of information available in the documents is very important for visa approval. Understanding the relevance of documentation and information enables you to get fast approval. In this process, Australia visa consultants Hyderabad will be able to provide you professional guidance and helpline.

Commonly Asked Questions

This visa stream lets people who are sponsored, usually by a family member, come to Australia to visit their family members.

Up to 12 months but you must,
• intend to come to Australia to visit only
• have enough money for your stay in Australia
• not work in Australia.

This visa stream lets you visit Australia as a tourist, to go on a cruise or to see family and friends. You must be outside Australia when you apply and when authority decide your visa.

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