NOTE : FederPath Consultants is NOT a RECRUITMENT / PLACEMENT AGENCY, we neither assist in any kind of Job / employment offers nor do guarantee any kind of domestic/International placements.

Therefore, while furnishing information to Uk immigration consultants in Hyderabad, you must ensure that you provide accurate information that is supportive and in line with your profile. This is also important to ensure that the compliance of UK laws is met with.

UK Immigration Visa Types

The following are UK Immigration Visa Types:

The purpose and goal decides your UK immigration visa type. As there are both long-term and short-term visas, the best will depend on why you wish to visit the UK and how long you wish to remain.

Each of the visas has a certain specific procedure for migrating to the UK. Speaking English is very important to immigrate to the UK. Preferably appearing for IELTS and TOEFL exams is also very important.
As each type of immigration visa works with a different process, it is important to make a note of processing time and wait for the decision and approval.

Requirements to Immigrate to UK

There are certain specific requirements to immigrate to the UK.
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