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Tourist Visa for New Zealand: Here's Your Financial Checkup

If you're applying for a New Zealand tourist visa, the embassy requires the following documents to review your financial status:

For Employees:
  • ⇨  Personal ITR for the last 3 years (notarized)
  • ⇨  Salary slips for the last 3 months
  • ⇨  Self-bank statements for the last 6 months (with Bank's name and Telephone number)
  • ⇨  Copy of credit card/Traveller's cheque
  • ⇨  NOC from your company (original)
  • ⇨ 
For Self-Employed Applicants:
  • ⇨  ITR (Personal & Company) for the last 3 years (notarized)
  • ⇨  Personal & Company Bank Statements for the last 6 months (with Bank's name and Telephone number)
  • ⇨  Copy of credit card/Forex support/Traveller's cheque

On top of these, first-time applicants need to provide additional documents:

For Self-Employed:
  • ⇨  Registration certificate or certificate of incorporation
  • ⇨  Brief company profile
  • ⇨  Articles of Memorandum (if the MD/Director)
  • ⇨  Proof of Proprietorship/Partnership (if applicable)
  • ⇨  Import/Export license (if applicable)
For Employees:
  • ⇨  Photocopy of academic certificates
  • ⇨  Photocopy of appointment letter (showing date of joining, designation, and the salary drawn)
  • ⇨  Work experience

Moreover, you need to show proof of accommodation by providing hotel confirmation, travel plan, trip confirmation, and a confirmed return ticket that displays the route of your trip.

With this checklist, you'll be able to apply for your New Zealand tourist visa with ease.

New Zealand tourist visa fees

The New Zealand tourist Visa fees will be Rs 11199.00 for a single person only. It will take 16 to 48 days to approve your visa, and your visa's validity will be 9 months only.

New Zealand Visit Visa - Selection Criteria

Get expert guidance on securing your New Zealand Visit Visa and complying with the latest immigration laws. Our streamlined approach and global network make fulfilling all requirements a breeze. To visit New Zealand, ensure that you:

  • ⇨  Possess a passport with a minimum validity of 3 months from your planned departure date.
  • ⇨  It can show evidence of your intention to stay temporarily.
  • ⇨  Have the required funds to support yourself while in the country ($1000 per month, or $400 per month if staying with friends/relatives)
  • ⇨  It can prove that you are in good health and have good character.

Let us help you breeze through the visa process and make the most of your visit to this stunning destination.

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