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Note that if the information you shared in your application does not comply with the information in the required format or documents, your application will be rejected. A visit visa is for tourist purposes and if it is for the first time, you need to create an account.

After filing the application form with the requisite personal information, you also need to submit the required documents and pay the visa fee as prescribed by the UK visiting visa consultants in Hyderabad.

The next step is to schedule a visa appointment and attend an interview. After attending your visa interview at the consulate center, you will be intimated to collect the documents along with their decision.

UK visit visa fees

How much are the UK visit visa fees from India? UK embassy laws are likely to revise visa fees periodically and it is important to have an accurate figure in order to pay the correct amount of fee. UK visa consultants in Hyderabad are able to help you with the correct amount as we are professionals and regularly keep an update about the UK visa laws.

Currently, as of 2022, the UK visit visa fees range between 10,000 to 1.60 Lakhs depending on the UK tourist visa for student and spouse visa fees.

Child visitors who are below the age of five years are not permitted free of entry visa fees. This means they are not exempt from making the visa fee payment.

The accurate amount will be shared with you at the time of visa application filing. We will ensure an accurate amount as we are affiliated with the UK Embassy in India and we have an excellent association in ensuring to keep an update of visa application requirements and the visa fee payment.

There’s also a standard visitor visa category where you have three types of processing speed and visa fees vary accordingly.

→ For standard : USD 168.00
→ Rush: USD 196.50
→ Super Rush: USD 215.50

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UK visit visa application

Filing a UK visit visa application is a very important step. Not only do you need to submit accurate information that is legally blind, but you must also make a note of the fact that your information will enter the UK embassy records and any kind of false or fraudulent information may levy a penalty or your application may be rejected in the first instance.

This is why you must provide only the relevant and up-to-date information in your personal profile, family, education, employment, and other tour information if it is requested in your visa application.

Always ensure to answer to the point and never provide irrelevant information. Note that the UK consulate will never be able to read irrelevant and unimportant information that is not in line with the visa application form.

Just answer the questions asked in the visa application form and provide the most relevant information such as your valid passport number, name, last name, contact address and others as asked in the application form.

UK visit visa processing time

UK visa processing time can be completed as early as 9 days for standard processing. There are also rush and super rush processing times. For the UK standard visitor visa, you are allowed to apply up to 3 months before your travel date. Your application timeline depends on the processing speed you choose while filing your application.

There are primarily three speeds to choose from Standard, Rush, and Super Rush. You can fast-track your visa application by selecting from the respective processing times and accordingly you will receive a priority service. There are different visitors who require a UK visa including the following:

The respective travellers have to follow the simple process of applying online and receive their approval. But here’s an important question. What is the processing time for standard processing? It is for 9 days. The details of other processing times are:

There may be a lot of questions that you come across while filing your visa application and at that time, UK visa Consultants in Hyderabad are here to help you and provide you with accurate information which will be verified and proof as correct.

Filing accurate information, paying the correct amount and scheduling a visa appointment and successfully attending the interview is very crucial for visa approval. This enables easy and smooth processing of your visa.

Keeping adequate funds for living expenses, proof of travel itinerary, and your promise to come back to India and avoid overstaying without the approval of the UK Embassy is very important.

UK visit visa checklist

Recognized as an attractive destination, the UK has a lot of Indian tourists every year From London to Scotland and Wales, Indians love to visit the UK. Let’s find out how UK visa Consultants in Hyderabad offer you some of the best services in helping you with the successful UK visit visa approval.

The purpose of your visit is definitely important and you can stay for longer in certain circumstances and that is up to 60 months. Reasons such as medical treatment allow you to stay longer.

→ But some of the purposes with which Indians visit the UK include:

UK embassy offers two types of tourist visas:

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes. The Standard Visitor Visa allows people to enter the UK for several reasons. This includes travel, tourism, and leisure purposes, visiting friends or relatives; as well as short term business appointments, academic conferences, participating in sporting events or creative/artistic work, and receiving private medical treatment in the UK.

A UK Standard Visitor Visa is usually valid for 6 months and allows multiple entries to the UK. You can stay for maximum up to 6 months only.

It’s ideal to apply for a UK visa at least 3 months prior to the date of travel.

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