Exploring the documents required to obtain a Schengen visa


If you’re planning to travel to the beautiful countries within the Schengen Zone, you’ll likely need a Schengen Visa schengen visa from India. Navigating the application process can seem daunting.  Here is the complete information about the required documents with a step-by-step procedure Visa Application Form. It will help you secure that coveted Schengen Visa and Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.

Which countries covered the Schengen Visa?

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia,  Greece, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal.

Below are the requirements to obtain a successful tourist Schengen visa:

  • You must also have a valid passport to file the same in your visa application.
  • Submission of accurate information of all required details.

Steps for documenting your application to get your Schengen Visa.

Step 1: First decide which type of Schengen visa you are looking for 

Before you start the application process, identify the type of Schengen visa that suits your travel purpose. The most common types include Tourist Visa, Business Visa, and Medical Visa.

Step 2: Choose the Schengen Country to Apply

Decide on the Schengen country you plan to visit first, as this will determine the embassy or consulate where you submit your application Schengen Visa Photo Requirements. Remember, your main destination (where you’ll spend the longest time) should be the country responsible for processing your visa Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.

Step 3: Gather General Required Documents

  • Completed Visa Application Form:
    • Download the application form from the official embassy or consulate website of the chosen Schengen country.
    • Fill it out accurately and honestly.
  • Passport:
    • Make sure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date.
    • Provide photocopies of the main pages of your passport.
  • Passport Photos:
    • Include recent passport-size photos meeting the specified requirements.
  • Flight Reservation:
    • Show proof of your intended entry and exit flights.
  • Accommodation Booking:
    • Submit the proof of your stay when you visit. This can include hotel reservations or a letter of invitation if you’re staying with friends or family.

Step 4: Additional Documents for Specific Visa Types

  • Tourist Visa:
    • Travel itinerary detailing planned activities.
    • You also need finance documents like bank statements etc., Business Visa:
    • Letter of invitation from the host company in the Schengen country.
    • A certificate from your employer confirming your employment status and purpose of the trip.
  • Medical Visa:
    • Medical certificate stating the necessity of medical treatment.
    • Confirmation of appointment from a medical institution in the Schengen country schengen visa from India.

Step 5: Proof of Financial Means

Demonstrate that you can financially support yourself during your stay by providing:

  • Bank Statements:
    • Show bank statements covering the last three to six months.
  • Salary Slips:
    • Provide your recent salary slips or proof of income.
  • Travel Insurance:
    • Obtain travel insurance covering at least €30,000 in medical expenses.

Step 6: Submitting Your Application

  • Book an Appointment:
  • Visit the Embassy:
    • On the appointed date, submit your application along with all required documents.

Step 7: Ensure to attend the visa interview (Definitely required)

Some countries may require an in-person interview. Be prepared to answer questions about your trip, accommodation, and financial means Visa Application Form.

Step 8: Pay the Visa Fee

Remit the prescribed fee at the time of application. The fee varies based on the type of visa and your age schengen visa from India.

The fee is in Euro currency – €80 Euros which is approximately equal to ₹6,800 to ₹7,000 Indian Rupees. 

You need to convert the Euro currency equal to your Nation’s currency as per the Forex exchange rate and remit the prescribed fee Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.

Schengen visa


By following the above steps, you’ll be well-prepared and on your way to apply and submit a successful application for your Schengen Visa schengen visa from India. Remember to check the specific requirements of the embassy or consulate you’re applying to, and submit all necessary documents to ensure a smooth application process Schengen Visa Photo Requirements. Safe travels Visa Application Form.

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 Why do I need a Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa is essential for travel to European countries in the Schengen Zone for tourism, business, or medical purposes, allowing seamless travel within the region.

How do I choose the right type of Schengen Visa?

Select from Tourist, Business, or Medical Visa based on your travel purpose—tourism, work, or medical treatment.

Why is selecting a primary Schengen country important?

Choose the country where you’ll spend the most time, as it determines the embassy or consulate for your visa application, streamlining the process.

What financial documents do I need to show?

Present bank statements (last 3-6 months), recent salary slips, and travel insurance (€30,000 coverage) to demonstrate financial capability during your stay.

Is a visa interview necessary?

Some countries require an interview. Be ready to answer questions about your trip, accommodation, and finances—a crucial step in the application process.

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